Our indoor and exotic plant glasshouse looking amazing with a few new additions that arrived today!

Lots to choice from traditional favourites to more unusual and exotic, including ‘Money Trees’ (Pachira aquatica), Rubber plant/ rubber tree (Ficus elastica), Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) and the Zebra plant (Calathea ‘Whitestar’).

We have a variety of Cacti and Succulents, lots of prickly items and also some with a very practical use such as the Aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera is wonderful for treating burns and a real kitchen ‘must have’ for lots of people. Very easy to keep and can be used as immediate first aid for any burns, just break off a leaf and apply the gel to the affected area, taking care not to rub too hard. Come and explore the Bumbles glasshouse and take an Aloe Vera plant home for your kitchen today.

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