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Half Term Projects – Garden Birds

Feb 16, 2021

Half Term project #2 : Tuesday. Looking after the birds in the garden

The nesting season will be beginning now and you can help garden birds by providing food and shelter. Energy rich foods like fat balls, peanuts and mealworms as well as seed are perfect now. We have a nice range of feeders, tables and nest boxes, but you can also build your own from washed out milk / juice cartons – paint them up and see which colours attract the most birds! The RSPB have lots of advice & practical tips, including a step-by-stop guide on making a nesting box from scratch and making a bird bath – it’s easier than you think!

Do a bird survey and see how many different ones come to your garden! If you’re feeling artistic, you could draw the birds and add to a chart, or find photos and cut them out for the chart. Add the date you see the birds and then you could monitor birds visiting the garden throughout the year – and especially in the school holidays!

Half Term Project - food & shelter for birds - Bumbles February 2021



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