Birdcare & Wildlife

Bird care and Wildlife is as important as our plants at Bumbles Plant Centre, and our birdcare range reflects this. This section of our website will not only list the products that we carry, but also give helpful tips on feeding and looking after the garden wildlife.

We have a wide range of plants which will attract wildlife to your garden providing food, nesting materials and places to breed and over winter. Have a chat to our staff and we’ll help you find the right products to make your garden look beautiful and still be a haven for the local birds and bugs.

Featured feeds at Bumbles

Flutter Butter

A jar of Flutter Butter from Bumbles is a food high in energy – perfect for this cold winter weather we are having!

Birds love these jars of peanut butter – but it’s not the same as the stuff you might put on toast, which contains too much salt.

This rich, nutrious peanut butter is naturally low in salt and comes in a variety of flavours, including fruity, original (peanut butter) and buggy.

Bird feeders

We stock a range of quality bird feeders from Johnston & Jeff. They’re strong, well-made, and thoughtfully designed for all types of seeds and seed blends.

The handles are stainless steel with carbon-steel fitted lids. The carbon-steel bases are sloped with drain holes to any water will drain away – say goodbye to soggy seeds!

Suet Tiffins

Suet Tiffins from Chapel Wood feeds, suitable for suet feeders, dining stations and bird tables. High energy year round feed, no mess and no waste!

Can be sprinkled into other feeds.

Available in berry flavour and with mealworms.

Come to Bumbles and see what a difference being independent makes!

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