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Your local independent Garden Centre on the A229 near Cranbrook, Kent. We have a fantastic range of indoor and outdoor plants, shrubs, trees and all your outdoor living needs.

Christmas trees at Bumbles

Christmas trees are now in stock, we have a great variety and as usual, they are very high quality. Come and see us on the weekend and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate whilst you choose your perfect tree!

Ready Made & Bespoke Christmas Hampers

We’ve got a great choice of ready made gift hampers ranging in price from £15 to £35, packed with lots of goodies! We can also make bespoke hampers, just tell us how much you would like to spend and we will do the rest.

Great gift ideas in our Glasshouse!

Come and visit our glasshouse for a wonderful selection of houseplants and exotic plants, they make a great gift and we have something for every pocket to choose from! Don’t forget, you can always ask if you’d like any advice to help you choose.

Christmas Decorations

We have a lovely range of Christmas decorations, including a selection from the Gisela Graham designer collection, tree lights, baubles and tinsel galore!

Bird feed at Bumbles

New additions to our bird feed range, including chunky dumplings and fat ball feeders.  Helping to keep our local birds happy and healthy this spring!
Fantastic looking Violas at Bumbles Plant Centre


Birdcare at Bumbles


Amaryllis plants, Flowers and Garden gift idea at Bumbles Plant Centre


Coffee and cake in Bumbles Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

We are an independent garden centre situated between Cranbrook and Staplehurst on the A229 in Kent. At Bumbles, we feel gardens are like outdoor rooms with huge potential for many uses depending on your lifestyle and we cater for a garden enthusiast’s every possible desire.

Visit us for garden inspiration, take a step back and relax whilst you browse through our large range of plants, including bedding plants, vegetables, grasses, alpines, perennials, shrubs and trees, along with garden products such as troughs and trowels, tubs and trellis, tags, tools and everything else you need for your garden.

We’ve helpful knowledgeable staff on hand to assist you on every visit and because we aren’t part of a chain we stock what we like, we think you’ll like it too!

Opening Times

Main store

Monday – Saturday: 9 – 5
Sunday: 10 – 4

Coffee Shop

Open daily

Welcome to December at Bumbles

Welcome to December (already?!). We’re feeling very festive at Bumbles, the Christmas trees have arrived and so have our lovely locally made holly wreaths. We have a great selection of Christmas lights, both for trees and outdoors, as well as light up ornaments to adorn your front lawn! You’ll find lots of Christmas tree decorations and great gift ideas, including classic and more unusual varieties of Poinsettias plus our great range of ready to go Christmas hampers. We can also make bespoke hampers, just tell us how much you’d like to spend and we’ll do the rest.

Don’t forget to visit our glasshouse for more present ideas – we have a wonderful range of houseplants to suit all pockets, give a living gift this year!

Look forward to seeing you soon at Bumbles and remember to please call us if you are looking for something in particular – we’d love to help!

Ross's Rambles... Autumn

As Autumn beckons we felt it was time for another one of Ross's Rambles....

Posted by Bumbles Plant Centre on Thursday, 12 September 2019

Watch Ross’s latest Ramble around Bumbles, see what’s in stock and ready for autumn planting!

Great Christmas gift ideas in the Glasshouse!

Houseplants have seen a revivial this year at home and in the office, and we have been expanding our range in the glasshouse with lots of traditional and some more slightly unsual varieties. If you are looking for something to ‘cleanse the air’, then go for a Peace Lily which is good a removing pollutants from the air, and ferns are perfect for shady areas. We’ve picked out a few of our current favourites but come and visit our extended glasshouse to view the full range and be spoilt for choice!
Calathea 'Tasmania' Eternal Flame at Bumbles Plant Centre

Calathea ‘Tasmania’ (Eternal Flame)

An exotic tropical plant with lush green leaves and vibrant orange flowers. Leaves open in the morning to catch the light and close in the evening.
Likes semi-shade or filtered sunlight.
This plant symbolises a new beginning, which is derived from the expression ‘turn over a new leaf’ which the plant does in morning and evening.

Tradescantia Zebrina 'Wandering Jew' trailing houseplant available at Bumbles

Tradescantia Zebrina (Wandering Jew)

An exotic tropical plant with lush green leaves and vibrand orange flowers. Leaves open in the morning to catch the light and close in the evening.
Likes semi-shade or filtered sunlight.
This plant symbolises a new beginning, which is derived from the expression ‘turn over a new leaf’ which the plant does in morning and evening.

Beaucarnea 'Ponytail Palm' at Bumbles Plant Centre

Beaucarnea (Ponytail Palm)

Evergreen perennial with a trunk-like stem bearing a dense rosette of sword-shaped leaves. Mature plants produce small white flowers. Likes a light spot but not in direct sunlight.
This plant symbolises strength and imperturbability, which refers to the primeval power of the plant, which almost always manages to recover.

What’s New

Christmas trees are in!

And so it begins! Our first drop of Christmas trees have arrived! And they look AMAZING! As always we pride ourselves on sourcing the BEST Christmas...

Seasonal favourites now at Bumbles

Always an end of year favourite, our Poinsettia collection has arrived in store today and they look amazing and are at great value at £6.99 each or...

The festive season is just around the corner….

With the cold nights drawing in and the fun and festive time of year just around the corner... we have a few promotions and returning favourites to...

Winter colours at Bumbles

Lots of colour delivered this morning to brighten up the garden for the autumn and winter ahead at Bumbles, including cyclamen coums, pansies,...

Spring Bulbs special offer!

It’s the perfect time to start thinking about and planting spring flowering bulbs. As always at Bumbles we are offering a HUGE range of everybody’s...

Indoor and Exotic Plants

Bright and beautiful indoor colour today in our indoor and exotic plant glasshouse!

Seasonal Top Tips from the Bumbles Team

With the colder weather settling in more now here are a few helpful tips from us here at Bumbles to help finish off any garden tidying for the year.

1. SOIL IMPROVEMENT – Now is a great time to add soil improvers to your beds and borders which help to improve drainage, organic matter levels and encourage a slow release of nutrients to your plants in the spring.

2. FALLEN LEAVES – With the trees beginning to empty of leaves we now are all in tidy up mode and keeping areas as clean as possible. A lot of the leaves etc can be placed in a composter BUT remember that fallen leaves from cherries, peaches and any plants you may have had fungal issues this year should be burned or disposed of and not reused to help deter diseases next spring.

3, TOP DRESS SHRUB BORDERS – Now is a great time to top dress any shrub borders you have with bone meal and sulphate of potash to give your border a head start over winter and into early spring.

4. CLEAN GLASSHOUSES – For those with Glasshouses like ourselves with our indoor and exotic plant space now is the time to give the green house a winter clean and tidy to improve light levels in the winter as much as possible. Bubble wrap insulation if over wintering plants or seedlings that may be helped by the warmth being kept in as much as possible.

5. PANSY/VIOLA DEAD HEADING – Try as best as possible over the winter months to stay on top of picking over your pansies and violas regularly to encourage more flowers to brighten up your tubs and baskets over winter. High potash feed also helps to get the best results!

We are hope these tips and reminders are helpful!

Please ask us if you have any questions or need some advice, we’re very happy to help!

Come to Bumbles and see what a difference being independent makes!

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