Seed Potatoes

New season seed potatoes. All the old favourites and some super new varieties for you to choose from.


Our seed potatoes come from the largest and most experienced supplier in the UK, which gives us confidence in offering the BEST seed potatoes for your gardens.

So start thinking about which varieties you want to grow, check out our list of varieties below and we look forward to seeing you.


ARRAN PILOT - This popular garden variety produces white, variable but often long oval tubers. This firm early scraper does not discolour and its fine flavour makes it perfect for boiling or salads.

CASABLANCA - A new first early variety producing a tasty crop of attractive, smooth white tubers that are perfect for boiling, with the larger tubers making excellent chips. With good resistance to common scab, blackleg and golden eelworm, Potato 'Casablanca' is set to become a firm favourite on the show bench and in the kitchen. Height and spread: 60cm (24").

FOREMOST - Better known as Sutton Foremost, this scab resistant variety produces white oval tubers. A good flavoured early scraper, firm with little discolouration these are ideal to have boiled or with salad. 

LADY CHRISTL - A modern, disease resistant early that produces numerous yellow fleshed, oval tubers early in the season. A tasty new season boiling/salad potato.

potatoesMARIS BARD - A smooth tuber with white skin and white flesh and a traditional new potato taste. Potato 'Maris Bard' is a very early, heavy cropping variety with good drought and common scab resistant. This popular first early variety is ideal for boiling as a salad potato.

PENTLAND JAVELIN - Eelworm resistant, this variety produces white oval tubers with a very good flavour. Fairly firm with little discolouration these mature gracefully to be an excellent general purpose potato with excellent cooking qualities.

ROCKET - This modern, disease resistant scraper produces a high yield of white round tubers. Very early cropping these great tasting scraper are fairly firm with no discolouration. Tastiest as a boiling/salad potato.

SWIFT - A very early, modern disease resistant scraper sutiable for growing in pots or containers under glass or polythene. This variety produces cream fleshed, oval tubers that are fairly firm with little discolouration. A great Salad potato.

WINSTON - Disease resistant, this variety is a good flavoured early scraper producing cream fleshed, oval tubers that can be scraped or baked. The earliest tastiest baker.


new season seed potatoes

ESTIMA - A high yielding, reliable variety that produces yellow oval tubers that are firm with little discolouration. Matures gracefully to be a good general purpose potato with excellent cooking qualities.

KESTREL - Another modern, disease resistant variety with high yields and also slug resistant. These produce white skinned with blue eyes, white fleshed, long oval tubers that have an above average flavour. They mature gracefully to become a great general purpose, summer chipper or baker.

MARFONA - A popular high yielding variety that produces yellow oval tubers that are firm with little dicolouration.An attractive, large waxy summer baker that stores well.

MARIS PEER - This variety produces white, short oval tubers. With the very uniformed beautiful plant with stunning purple flowers makes this a perfect patio potato! The tubers are very firm with no discolouration and the great flavour makes them the ultimate boiling potato.

VIVALDI - This variety produces white smooth skinned, light yellow fleshed tubers that are firm. A good general purpose variety with an excellent creamy flavour. 

WILJA - A high yielding, very popular, often favourite gardeners variety that produces large, yellow, long oval tubers. Very firm with no discolouration and a great general purpose potato. 


CARA - A high yielding, high disease resistant variety that produces white, short oval tubers with red eyes. Known as the red eyed tough guy.. these are firm, with no discolouration and a mild flavour. Suitable for many uses making an excellent general purpose potato.

DESIREE - The favourite red potato. The red, long oval tubers are firm with little discolouration. A strong flavoured general purpose potato.

KING EDWARD - Englands best known potato, amd some may say the best roaster ever. The white oval tubers have red eyes and patches and are moderately firm. their excellent flavour and texture makes them a perfect general purpose potato.

MAJESTIC - A gardeners favourite, this robust, drought resistant variety can thrive in most soils.The white oval tubers are moderately firm. The mild flavour and variable texture makes them suitable for a wide range of uses making an excellent general purpose potato.

MARIS PIPER - One of britains most dominant field variety, these white oval tubers are eelworm resistant. Their excellent flavour and texture make them ideal for many uses, a bit floury and not the easiest to boil, but some say they make the best chips ever.

PICASSO - This variety produces high yields of pretty oval tubers. The skin is white with stunning red eyes with cream flesh. A modern disease resistant variety with a mild flavour and texture. a good general purpose potato.

ROOSTER - Originally an Irish variety, now very popular in the UK these oval tubers are red skinned with a light yellow flesh. A good general puropse potato.


ANYA - A modern salad variety with high scab resistance and a very old fashioned look. The white fleshed, pinked skinned tubers are long and a bit knobbly. A very firm salad/boler thats tasty hot or cold and can be sliced or diced.

CHARLOTTE - This fairly modern, high yielding variety produces pale yellow, long oval tubers . These are delicious hot or cold and have a very good flavour for a modern variety. Can be sliced, diced or enjoyed whole.

INTERNATIONAL KIDNEY - A classic of English cuisine, when grown on Jersey they are trademarked "Jersey Royals". These long, yellow oval tubers when harvested early are small, mild and waxy. left to mature they become large and even floury. Great hot or cld, sliced diced or whole in early summer.

NICOLA - This high scab and eelworm resistant variety produce yellow skinned and fleshed, long oval tubers. An excellent well flavoured boiling/salad potato delicious hot or cold and also known to be extremely yummy baked in a microwave oven.

PINK FIR APPLE - A late cropping variety, that produces very knobbly, pink, long, oval shaped tubers with distinctive strange shapes. Only its superb flavour can explain its survival over such a long time. Great hot or cold, sliced, diced or whole but cook with the skins on as peeling is nearly impossible.

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