250x250_fitbox-_dscn1584.jpgLooking for something in particular? Give us a call and we'll see if we can help. Alternatively if it's Sunday evening or some other time and we're closed give the RHS Plant Finder a try and then come and see us during the week.

Shrubs: We carry a range of shrubs, which changes with the seasons. We intend to list all our varieties at a later date.

Trees: We like to have some interesting trees at Bumbles, often we will have hard to find, new, or more interesting trees. A full list will be launched later.

Climbers: These useful plants which can scamper up fences, over sheds and into trees. We carry a good range , of which a full list will follow later.

Perennials: We offer a superb range of perennials from the popular Cottage Garden varieties to the new and exotic. We intend to list all we carry.


Alpines: These small hardy plants form a significant range at Bumbles. A full list will appear, which will highlight the variety of forms available.

Bulbs: We offer a good range of both Spring and Summer bulbs. A full list will follow of our intended stock this Autumn.

Bedding / Annuals: A seasonal range of plants is a strong point of Bumbles, we do enjoy the colour! So if you need colour in your garden then pop along and see what we have to offer. We will be listing all the varieties, we hope to offer a little later.


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Garden Consultation

Not sure what to plant where or what colours go together?