A seasonal range of plants is a strong point of Bumbles, we do enjoy the colour! So if you need colour in your garden then pop along and see what we have to offer. We will be listing all the varieties we hope to offer, a little later.



As many of us are aware last Summer (2011) was a rotten year for Impatiens (Bizzie Lizzy). They suffered from a particular strain of Downy Mildew, which is resistant to existing garden fungicides, which make it difficult to control in a garden situation. The only reliable course of treatment at present is good hygiene control, this is very feesable in a controlled nursery environment but is difficult in the garden. We have been monitoring the situation and this has led us to making a choice between two courses of action:

  1. No Impatiens this year to give a break and destroy the over wintered spores and stop the infection or
  2. To carefully inspect suppliers and offer a smaller offering. 

Difficult to know what to do,  but we at Bumbles Plant Centre have always endeavoured to bring you only the best quality Plants which perform well in your garden.

Therefore it is our intention to offer alternatives and not stock impatiens this year but, good news is that New Guinea Impatiens are not affected by this strain of Downy Mildew.