Allotment Holders Card

Allotment Holders Card

Do you have your own Allotment?

If so you can enjoy 10% off your shopping at Bumbles with our Allotment Holders Card.

We know there's nothing quite like home grown vegetables, freshly dug spuds and strawberries straight from the plant. Here at bumbles Plant Centre we want to help our allotment holders. All you have to do is apply for an Allotment Holders' club card and enjoy your 10% discount.

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All we need to see is proof of your Allotment e.g. a letter from your Council or allotment provider, and we will give you a Bumbles Allotment Card which entitles you to your 10% discount. So pop in now to take advantage of this discount and your fruit and veg will taste even better!


Help for beginners!

If you've thought about owning an allotment but don't really know where to start, have a look at the National Allotment Society website and then come into Bumbles to have a chat with us. We'll ensure your first foray into growing your own food is a success leading to many years of enjoyment in the future.

It's healthy, it's great exercise and above all it's fun!