The Gardener's Calendar in November.

Sunrise & Sunset times...

November days are much shorter now. Frosts are likely and southern England can see the first snow falls so be prepared! There's still lots you can do in the garden when the weather is right though and those lovely crisp mornings are a joy so don your favourite woolly jumper, some stout shoes and get out there.

  1. Sow early peas but it's wise to cloche them if they show up before the snows.

  2. Sweep fallen leaves and bag them up for "leaf mould", a great FREE soil conditioner

  3. Protect cabbages from the birds

  4. Once the frost finally kills of the Dahlias lift the tubers and store them somewhere cool, dark and ventilated

  5. Plant bare rooted shrubs and trees whilst they are dormant

  6. Winter prune apples and pears

  7. Brush snow off trees and shrubs if it may cause breakages but otherwise don't disturb hibernating plants underneath

  8. Save on heating by using bubble wrap sheets to insulate your greenhouse. Ventilate on warm days.

  9. Clean out the Greenhouse, wash pots and tubs ready for the spring

  10. Order seed catalogues

  11. Seek out slugs and snails, especially on milder evenings. It's surprising how many you can eliminate just after dark

  12. Add some old carpet over cold frames to protect them at night

And if you don't feel like working in the garden you're always welcome at Bumbles to see what's going on there!