The Gardener's Calendar in March

Sunrise & Sunset times...

March sees the days noticeably longer and the warmer sunshine brings out the early flowers. Later in the month the first flush of the year tends towards the yellow end of the spectrum, dominated by daffodils, narcissus and forsythia. This is closely followed by the rest of the spectrum. It's a great time to be in the garden and there's plenty to do once the grass has dried out from the winter elements.

There's lots to do in the garden in preparation for the bright summer days amongst the bees, butterflies and perhaps the odd glass of wine in a shady corner!

  1. Rake lawns, mow with the blades set high and spike any badly drained areas before brushing sand into the holes.

  2. Start Dahlia tubers into growth in a warm dark place. Ideally 16C+ / 60F+. Dahlia seeds can go in later in March

  3. Sow hardy annuals outside towards the end of the month. Half hardy annuals can go in under glass

  4. Mulch fruit trees and bushes to keep the ground damp as the days get warmer and it'll also help to keep the weeds down

  5. Prune established roses. Remove any which are past their best and replace with new varieties

  6. Add fertiliser and /or manure to established borders. We have plenty of organic fertilisers to choose from at Bumbles and they'll give your plants a real spring boost!

  7. Plant gladioli bulbs in small groups around the garden. Their spikes of brightly coloured blooms will look stunning in the summer

  8. Get your early seed potatoes in and set out your main crop for "chitting"

  9. On the vegetable plot start preparing the ground for your seeds. Clean and rake seed beds now and the soil has a chance to settle before planting time.

  10. Give the garden a general tidy, clearing away any winter debris which could harbour slugs and snails

And if you don't feel like working in the garden you're always welcome at Bumbles to see what's going on here!