Tips for Happier Birds

  • Nuthatch on peanutsCats love birds!! Ensure your feeders and bird tables are far enough from cat hiding places, but near enough to trees or bushes so that birds can make a dash for cover incase of Sparrowhawk attacks
  • Don't put too much feed out at any one time to make sure that it stays fresh and dry
  • Feed the birds in the morning and then again in the afternoon
  • If you start feeding birds, Don't stop - even in warm weather. Your birds will come to rely on your daily feeds
  • Want some variety? Different birds like different feeds, so the more feeds and feeding accessories you use, the better.
  • Birds get very thirsty so enusre there is always fresh water for them to drink and bathe in
  • Birds catch diseases, too!! Remember to clean bird tables, feeders and water baths regularly using mild disinfectant and rinsing well with clean water.
  • Move feeders and tables every now and again to avoid build-up of unhygenic deposits
  • Have patience, birds may take a little time to be confident enough to settle and feed in your garden. 
  • Help birds make their home in your garden by putting up at least one nest box for them
  • Feel free to put out any old kitchen scraps but try and avoid any salted or highly spiced foods
  • To prevent the risk of young birds choking on whole nuts only put out the whole peanuts in a mesh feeder.
  • Use a wide range of ground and hanging feeders aswell as bird tables to maximise the amount of birds coming to feed and visit your garden.