Nuthatch on peanutsAt Bumbles we hold a wide variety of feeders, from basic nut feeders to specialist feeders. We hope you can find the right one from our list below. 

The RSPB and BTO recommend year round feeding as the birds you attract will become reliant on the food you put out. So, it is very important to keep feeding them. Put the feed out twice a day everyday. First thing in the morning and then again in the middle of the afternoon to ensure there is always enough for them.

Flip-Top Feeders: These standard feeders are very easy to use with their flip-top lids. They have a fitting at the bottom to insert a feeder pole if you are unable to hang a feeder anywhere in your garden.   

Premium Flip-Top Feeders: These large feeders are easy to clean with their quick clean bases making them more hygenic for the birds. Their large lid opening for improved filling and easier cleaning and a flip top lid for one handed operation.

Heavy Duty Feeders: These tubular design, heavy duty feeders are squirrel resistant and are made using die-cast alloy, stainless steel and polycarbonate. Very easy to clean and easy to refill and can also be used with a range of accessories. 

Twin Feeder and Hook Set: Heavy duty feeder poles with decorative twin brackets to hang your feeders on to attract the birds. This set contains metal seed and peanut feeders which are easy to clean and refill. 

Feeding Station: Why not create your very own feeding station at home to attract various birds. This set includes a feeding pole with decorative twin hooks, a smaller feeder hook, bird bath with support ring for the birds to bathe in, as well as a mesh net feeder tray that is easy to remove to clean, you also get seed and peanut feeders. A must have for your garden.  

Vision Window Feeder: This can be attached to your windows to see the birds close up a great feeder for children to use. It comes complete with a Fat Snax hanger and two suction cups for secure attachment to your window. This is ideal for all types of feeds.  

Squirrel Proof Large Feeders: This large ball has an outer cage which allows small birds to access the feed but it excludes squirrels, predators and large birds to reach the feed. We stock these for seed and fat snax. 

Squirrel Proof Seed & Peanut Feeders:  These feeders are designed to defeat the most determined squirrels. Made with stainless steel and aluminium, this high strength feeder is virtually indestructable by squirrels sharp teeth. It's simple and effective mechanism uses gravity to protect the seeds and peanuts.

Lantern Peanut Feeder: This stylish lantern feeder is based on an original design for a fishing boat light. Its easy to disassemble to clean, and is for feeding peanuts only.

Mealworm Feeder: This micro-mesh feed tray keeps food fresher and dryer, ideally used for dried mealworms but is suitable to use with various other feeds. The tough clear polycarbonate dome and stainless steel swivel hook helps to prevent access by squirrels but, allows you to regulate the access to feed different sized birds.

Suet Feeders: We stock various suet feeders heavy duty and flip top so pop in today to see which one your prefer. All of them are easy to clean and refill. 

Fat Snax feeders: We also stock a few feeders to feeding fat snax, we have a feeding ring that hold 8 snax balls, flip top feeders and squirrel proof. All of which are easy to clean and refill.

For all your bird feeding needs pop into Bumbles we are always happy to help.